About the

York County Quick Response Team

When tactical situations arise in the boroughs and municipalities of York county, PA, the members of the York County Quick Response Team (YCQRT) are called into action.

Formed in November 2002, the YCQRT is made up of officers from eleven area police departments and the York County Sheriff's Department, serve over 415,000 residents in 72 municipalities. Twenty-five officers form the tactical team and twelve additional officers make up the Negotiation Response Team (NRT).

The York County Quick Response Team holds tryouts twice a year for new operators. New recruits must fill out an application, be recommended by the chief of their department, pass a physical fitness and firearms test, and a written/oral examination. Upon completing the requirements, the highest ranked officers are chosen to fill any vacancies on the team. After selection, the officers must complete and pass the Baltimore County (MD) QRT School. Once a member of the team, each officer must pass bi-annual PT tests, three weapons qualifications and maintain all other qualifications and certifications needed annually. Officers are required to qualify with each weapon used by the QRT team, strong/weak hand, and with gas masks.

The York County QRT team answers an average of 23 calls yearly, 8-10 barricaded subjects and 10-15 high risk warrant searches. As an all volunteer unit, members of the York County Quick Response Team train together monthly. In the days of shrinking municipal budgets, local police chiefs that have realized the importance of having a tactical option, continue to support the volunteer team, both financially, and by allowing officers time for monthly and advanced training

Additional Training

The YCQRT participates in monthly training sessions to cover a variety of special-threat and high-risk incidents including but not limited to: